Horizon boxes

These are some works I made at COFA which were exhibited in an exhibition at Kudos Gallery in 2009.

They are made of wood, and rendered with acrylic paint, pulling out from an ordinary photographic snapshot. The intention/idea was to create a work that “captured” the distance of Australia in a very defined space. It was an experiment in creating an object/s which could speak to that distance and yet be something condensed and specific.

I like these works and would consider developing further works along this line in the future.





‘The Shark’ (animation)

This is a charcoal / rubbing out animation I made for the Aerial Maps’ song ‘The Shark’

It’s not to be viewed as ‘video’ of the song, per se … the tune is more a vehicle, in this specific case, for the animation, rather than the other way round.

‘The Great Australian Silence’

This is a video I made for the Aerial Maps’ song ‘The Great Australian Silence’.

The footage was filmed in the country around Broken Hill in western NSW, whilst I was on a Land and Environment trip with COFA in 2009. The song is on the Aerial Maps’ album In the Blinding Sunlight.

‘Object Trees’

A drive I did across Australia, from the west coast at Fremantle, WA, to the east coast at Crescent Head, NSW, in June/July 2010 yielded a vast amount of material for my artwork.

This may eventually become a specific overall body of work, but for the moment, I will present elements of that trip as they congeal in my head and in a form of reality.

First cab off the rank is my series of photographs of what I called “Object Trees”, trees where people have placed an incredible array of items on them over God knows how long and for God knows whatever reason. I do have a theory on why this has occurred – to do with a raging against he impotency of the individual when confronted with the vast vast vast landscape and the desire therefore to try to at least make some small mark, some token (yet “knockabout”) scratching on the surface of things – but I will add that later.

In the meantime, some of the images.









Poem of the week project, 2006-2008

From 2006 to 2008, I conducted an experiment in which I wrote and posted at least one poem per week for two years. The idea was to see if I could write at least one poem I felt wasn’t complete crap and get it to the point where it was polished enough to not fear people reading it. The discipline required to do that for such a period was very good for me (and my writing) and, for better or worse, the stuff I wrote and published during that period was read by an email list of more than 100 people (an era pre-Facebook this was).

There’s a lot of stuff here; if you are bored enough to have a read it will certainly kill some time getting through it all. Overall, the experience of doing this was positive and in terms of it being an “artwork”, I view it as something successful on its own terms – it was a kind of an endurance / performance work in a sense –  and is possibly something I will put in action again. In these Facebook days, perhaps it will be even more effective?

Here’s the link http://blinding-sunlight.blogspot.com/