New year, new world, statement of intent


A new year begins. This one with a statement of intent. The Aerial Maps, going out to the world. New songs, new record. A vision of Australia, the landscape that exists within and without. The world in the grain of sand on your ankle after a beach swim. The world in a desert plain, onward towards red dust and further to blue sea. Australia written in our heart, a Great Dividing Range within our personal hinterlands, a fine-grain, deep-hued sense of something greater. Something bigger and more important. Love and other scandals, love and other pairs of leather sandals. Love and the intimate connection of a face within a season and within a certain light, the certain angle of sun that carves everything in a certain way, that brings forth the well-spring of possibilities. A Great Artesian Basin of spirit, a water diviner walking over dry land with an implement that can detect the cool, fresh water moving as a metaphor for meaning beneath rocks and hard hard dry dry crusted land. The river beds have been dry for many years but are ready, always ready, to fill to the brim when given the chance. An example of love, the hinterland in which our dreams reside. I feel it, I believe it. I feel the area being mapped, I feel the sense of new beginnings and wider possibilities, contained within word and song, within chords and choruses. It’s brewing. There’s no time to waste and not time to wait. A statement of intent. The Aerial Maps, I can feel it.