Top 10 most-important albums

Off the top of my head …

My top 10 favourite / most-important-to-me albums (not specifically in order, per se)

  1. Place Without a Postcard – Midnight Oil
  2. Born Sandy Devotional – The Triffids
  3. Talking With The Taxman About Poetry – Billy Bragg
  4. The Heart of Saturday Night – Tom Waits
  5. London Calling – The Clash
  6. Post – Paul Kelly
  7. Candy Apple Grey – Husker Du
  8. Poetry for the Beat Generation – Jack Kerouac and Steve Allen
  9. Roaring Days – Weddings Parties Anything
  10. Don’t Try This At Home – Billy Bragg

Free* single

Eager to have a new song form the soundtrack to these early Autumnal (if you’re in Oz) days? If so, you can download ‘Long Time Dead’ right here and right now …

You can download it for free by just putting $0 where it asks you for a figure, and you’ll get it gratis.

However, if you do wish to pay a small (or large!) amount, please feel free to do so. All proceeds will go towards funding the production of the album ‘Australia Restless’, due out in a few months’ time.


Buzzing around

Reports of airplay of ‘Long Time Dead’ from several sources are buzzing around. And that’s good.

ABC Radio, Triple R and other community stations are getting ‘onboard’, so to speak. Can’t be a bad thing.

Coverage #1

Nice little bit of press coverage on great music blog site, Polaroids of Androids.



Have a look here

‘Long Time’ going far

The first single ‘Long Time Dead’ from the new album Australia Restless is buzzing around out “there” nicely, with some inklings of airplay around the place and a general sense of traction happening. Already getting some airplay on the ABC and community radio, I’m stoked to say. More details soon, with the song available for download at

Download for free, or pay a buck or two to assist in the overall production of the eventual album.

The draining of the Basin

The draining of the Basin



We have lift-off

So today is a big day of sorts

For the past year or so I have been working away with my brother Simon Gibson writing a new album. And under the guidance of Simon Holmes as producer (among other key roles) and with the assistance of Mark Na Na, Tim Byron and Matt Galvin to play on it, the whole shebang is beginning to take shape. To such an extent the first single off the record is being released tomorrow, March 3. It’s called ‘Long Time Dead’, and you can have a listen here as part of a new clip for the song…

You can also download the single here … (FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME)

Released on Monday…

Ok, the big news is I have a new “solo” album coming out in a few months’ time … and the first single is “released” on Monday, March 3.

Will update then, but the album is co-written with my brother Simon and produced by Simon Holmes.

More soon..2