One week from now…

“There’s not a babysitter free/
In the whole inner-west/
Cos Buffalo Tom are playing tonight/
and in 1995 … they were the greatest.”

Another new photo to herald the new single … which is coming soon.

Adam Gibson image 1

New *stuff* in the works

I have been working on some new recorded material. Further details as they come to hand, but so far it’s sounding really good. In the meantime, here is me channelling one of my ancestors, William Carey, who was a convict in Tasmania, who may or may not have been held at Port Arthur.


The Aerial Maps

The Aerial Maps: (L-R) Simon Holmes, Adam Gibson, Sean Kennedy. More info about The Aerial Maps can be found at the Maps-specific page. Critical acclaim for the new album, The Sunset Park

 “[The Sunset Park] is so finely drawn that is like a screenplay for your mind … an Australian classic. You must hear it.”
– Noel Mengel, Courier-Mail, Brisbane
“The Aerial Maps are surely headed for that esteemed space occupied by Australia’s finest – those whose music is Australia.”
–Justin Grey,Drum Media, Sydney
“The Aerial Maps are poised to become one of the most valuable bands in the country, illuminating a dark and mysterious Australian gothic in song.”