Finland revisited – ‘The Last Tim Tam’

I am heading back to Finland in a few hours’ time – and here’s hoping it is warmer than when I was last there in February last year. It was minus 25, so ANYTHING will be an improvement. This is a video that captures the sense that I was far far away from home…



‘Ode to a cup of tea’, reprise

Reprising a work from a year or so ago, because winter has come to Sydney and we all need to warm up right now.

‘Founders and Survivors’ – new track

benigriffithsA project pulled together by Mick Thomas, in conjunction with his brother Steve, ‘Founders and Survivors’ looks at the history of Convict settlement in Tasmania. An amazing project in text on the web and in song on record/online, it seeks to trace the stories of convicts who came to Tasmania and who survived to have families whose descendants went on to form an integral part of Tasmanian society.

Mick asked me to pen something for the project, giving me the case of one Beni Griffiths (pictured) to take on in a bid to create something out of his story. That I did, and Mick and I ended up ‘co-writing’ what I feel is a top little tune, with key vocals from Alannah Russack throughout.

Called ‘Can you see across the sea’, it can be heard here …


Oncoming trucks

Oncoming trucks – the truest view of an Australian desert drive