‘Booby Prize’

’30 Days of Winter’, Day 12

‘Booby Prize’

Things are getting weird out here on the edge of town.

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‘Ghost woman in Ghost Frame’

’30 Days of Winter’, Day 11

‘Ghost woman in Ghost Frame’

An old frame, found on the street that I grew up on.

Painted over, a ghost of a memory of what was there before.

Who threw it out, where has she gone?

Without necessarily intending it to, this painting actually “moves” when you look at it. I don’t know how or why, but it just DOES!

(Acrylic paint, charcoal, on board, approx 50cm X 30cm)

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‘Drought Series′

’30 Days of Winter’, Day 10

‘Drought Series′

Some years ago I painted this series of paintings. They were part of an intended wider work focussing on Australia’a arid landscape.

That wider work hasn’t come together cohesively yet, but collecting these paintings here and now for the ’30 Days of Winter’ project may spur me to develop that idea further. As it stands, here they are. Click on them to enlarge.

‘Treeless Plain #1, #2, #3’

’30 Days of Winter’, Day 8 and Day 9

‘Treeless Plain #1, #2 and #3’

This is a series of three “pho-aintings” based on images from the Nullarbor Plain, in the Australian Outback/desert.

What is a “pho-ainting”? It is my newly-invented word for works that I have done which are based on printed photographs. These prints are then fixed to a board, or other surface, and then painted and otherwise worked-up, often coated in resin or lacquer to create the final product.

This particular series has three images, all A1 size (841 mm x 594 mm) and feature three depictions of the Nullarbor Plain.

These aren’t quite finished yet, but required a fair bit of work today and thus this work covers Day 8 and 9 of ’30 Days of Winter’!

This is number 1.

This is number 2

This is number 3

‘Going to the Sauna of Lonely Hearts (Haukijärvi, Finland)’

’30 Days of Winter’, Day 7

‘Going to the Sauna of Lonely Hearts (Haukijärvi, Finland)’

Another Finland-inspired work. Created whilst in residence at the Arteles Creative Center.

This work has a lot of resonance for me, but I will not over-explain it. It stands as it is, cold seeking warmth, harsh seeking comfort, onward.


’30 Days of Winter’, Day 6


In the early 2000’s I spent a lot of time obsessing about sugarcane. The burning of cane, the harvesting of cane, the driving through of canefields. It was to do with Australia, it was to do with the North Coast. It was to do with the warm lands and the smell of smoke and old times and the sweetness of sugar hanging in the air on humid silent northern afternoons. I wrote a novel about it.

This is a painting, which belongs to G* as I gave it to her for a birthday several years ago but am keeping it in safe hands, I did of sugarcane, thus.

‘Barcelona wanderings’

’30 Days of Winter’, Day 5

‘Barcelona Wanderings’

In March 2012 I returned to Barcelona, Spain, after last being there in 2007, and prior to that in 2002 and 1996.

My earlier visits gave me the impression of a great city, my wanderings leading me into some amazing places and some unbelievably chaotic nights on those Catalan streets.

On the most recent occasion I enjoyed similar wanderings, albeit without quite as much madness. Unfortunately. Oh there was one night, St Patrick’s Day at a pub … but anyway.

Anyway, I also had the sense this time that the city was just too overrun with tourists. Whilst I was one of those myself, I just found the hordes to be oppressive and that they obscured what was left of the true local culture.

Anyway, in 2007, I did some sketches of some places I saw. Below are two of them. That is all.

[Pen ink on fine grain heavyweight paper, 14.9cm X 21cm]


‘Park Guell’ …


‘Placa del Sol’ …