‘Australia Restless’ – the exhibition

I have a new art exhibition opening next week.

This is my final exhibition of work developed during my Masters of Fine Arts at COFA. It will include paintings, photos, videos, other bits and pieces, plus a spoken word performance on Thursday, October 1, at 3pm.

Please join us for the opening night, Tuesday, September 29, at 5pm.

– Adam
More details … “Australia Restless – the exhibition” is concerned with Australian language and landscape, distance and displacement. It looks at aspects of Australian life swept aside by picture postcard images of the nation, glib representations that tell a story discordant to the real life and history of the nation.
It is an exhibition incorporating sculptural, painting and video works by Adam Gibson in his final MFA show, with the centrepiece being a performance of a spoken word work which takes the audience on a journey through forgotten landscapes, deserted towns and the desolate landscape that lie at the heart of modern Australia.
Australia Restless holds within it a sense of yearning, a striving to articulate a terrain that, despite the age of mass communication and ease of contact, remains elusive and, in many senses, restless.

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