Poem of the week project, 2006-2008

From 2006 to 2008, I conducted an experiment in which I wrote and posted at least one poem per week for two years. The idea was to see if I could write at least one poem I felt wasn’t complete crap and get it to the point where it was polished enough to not fear people reading it. The discipline required to do that for such a period was very good for me (and my writing) and, for better or worse, the stuff I wrote and published during that period was read by an email list of more than 100 people (an era pre-Facebook this was).

There’s a lot of stuff here; if you are bored enough to have a read it will certainly kill some time getting through it all. Overall, the experience of doing this was positive and in terms of it being an “artwork”, I view it as something successful on its own terms – it was a kind of an endurance / performance work in a sense –  and is possibly something I will put in action again. In these Facebook days, perhaps it will be even more effective?

Here’s the link http://blinding-sunlight.blogspot.com/