New album in progress


We’ve started recording a new Ark-Arks album.

We intend to have it released by the end of the year.

We intend to do a tour around its release.

Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney.

Where else should we go?

Lemme know.


6 Comments on “New album in progress”

  1. Wu Wu says:


  2. Kate says:

    Tasmania… Come to Tasmania

  3. Andrew says:

    Where in Brisbane will you be playing? Hope it’s all ages – my son is 16 and loves your stuff!

    • afgibson says:

      Hi Andrew, thanks for the message. At this stage it looks like we may not be able to do an all-ages show in Bris, but will keep you in the loop if anything changes. Please tell your son that we very much appreciate his support! Cheers, Adam and the Ark-Arks

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