Exhibition – ‘This Land of No Horizon’

My solo exhibition, ‘This Land of No Horizon’ … the details:


[The opening is on Tuesday, Sept 25, at 5pm – come along!]

‘This Land of No Horizon’ is an exhibition by Adam Gibson of photographs, videos, paintings, objects, other bits and pieces addressing the idea that Australia is so big, the horizon could almost be said to be “never ending”; as if it is only the limits of our own vision that creates an ending, whereas in reality, the land stretches on (seemingly) forever. Thus, there is a sense of never quite being able to know the landscape, as if this country really is a “land of no horizon” and therefore is a place holding the associated mysteries of that “unknowing”.
The work in the exhibition explores various aspects of life in Australia, particularly a concept of the relationship the population has with the vast landmass that lies “out there” and how that can affect us, whether consciously or unconsciously. That landscape, and the attendant history of both Indigenous and European cultures, exerts a weight on modern Australian life and that space and history echo through many aspects of Australian culture every day. How do we live within such a country? How do we locate our place in such a landscape? Nostalgia, remembrance, forgetting and unease …

Here are some images from the exhibition, which was amazingly successful, with a great opening and general attendance:


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