‘Megalopolis Kiss’

(A work by Adam Gibson and Yi Xing Chen made during the 2010 Shanghai Porosity Studio at Dong Hua University, led by Professor Richar Goodwin and Emma Price from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney.)

Over the past couple of centuries, Shanghai has transformed from a town, to a city, to a “metropolis” and now to its present state of “megalopolis” – a 21st century super-city the size and scope of which never been seen in history. It is a city of massive construction and development but also one with 20 million people living in its confines.

This project investigates how people connect in such a city and how the search for love that can occur in the face of a near overwhelming cityscape. “Megalopolis Kiss” seeks to articulate the stillness that can occur when two people find each other and how the rest of the city’s chaos can be completely blocked out.

It is the city meeting the individual, it is the human face of the super-city …  it is the megalopolis meeting the kiss.

This work was exhibited in a video installation in a space at the Dong Hua University at the culmination of the 2010 Porosity Studio